Air Room Cleaner Buying Guide – What Factors to Consider When Buying Room Air Cleaner, Air Purifier

What are indoor air pollutants? These are harmful and unwanted materials present in the air of your home, apartment, or office. They affect the quality of air you breath.

Most common indoor air pollutants are dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, bacteria, and viruses. Household products like air fresheners or building materials and furnishings can release pollutants continuously in the air. Some products like household cleaners and pesticides, malfunctioning space heaters, furnaces and stoves, paints, and varnishes can release pollutants intermittently.

How can one improve the quality of air in the home, office, or apartment? There are three ways for doing this:

– Find out the sources of the pollution and eliminate or try and reduce their emissions.

– Ventilate your home so you have clean fresh outdoor air coming in. If weather permits, open up doors and windows. Using the exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen can help remove contaminants from these rooms.

– Use air cleaners. There are two types of air cleaning devices. Some clean the air in the whole house and others are designed to clean air in a single room or a specific area.

When choosing a room air cleaner consider the following:

– The room size. This is probably the most important factor. Most purifiers will state the size of the room they can clean.

– The type of contaminants the unit can eliminate.

– The ease of maintaining the unit.

– Where is the purifier going to be placed. If its for, say, bedroom or living room, than you may consider one that is designed to operate quietly or has very low noise.

– How many air changes per hour it provides. The more changes per hour the greater the quality of air.

– The type of filters used and the ease of cleaning and cost of replacing them.

– Energy consumption of the unit.

– Warranty on the product.

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