Bedroom Decorating – 5 Ideas to Inspire a Creative Horse Bedroom Theme That You Can Complete Today

Most little girls love horses and dream to own one at some stage in life. Did you know that you can bring a horse bedroom decorating theme straight to your daughter’s room that she can enjoy for years to come both quickly and inexpensively? Use some of the five creative ideas outlined in this article to help you complete the project with ease.

1. Start by selecting a wallpaper border with a horse theme.

The first step in creating an attractive horse bedroom theme is selecting a wall border that will be featured as one of the main parts of your room design. It’s best to think about a color scheme that you find pleasing, then make your wall border selection based on those colors.

2. Add a companion wallpaper for more finished appeal.

One of the easiest ways to pick a background wallpaper is to choose one in a faux paint pattern in a color that compliments the wall border that you selected. Your options are almost unlimited in the colors and shades available and you get the same great look of a faux painted wall, with less mess and work required. For a more finished designer look, try placing the faux wallpaper above the chair rail and use a more detailed pattern such as a gingham or plaid, below the chair rail.

3. Choose bedding to fit your theme.

For a clean and polished look, consider using a solid color bedding in a hue that compliments your room design. You can find bedding very inexpensively at your local discount stores or online. For a little added appeal, choose a solid color comforter and pair it with a small print bed skirt such as a gingham or small floral. Add throw pillows to the bed that are in the same fabric as the bed skirt for a more finished look.

4. Create your own artwork.

To compliment your horse theme bedroom, create customized artwork by having your child cut out pictures of their favorite horses. These can be found in magazines or printed from online photo archives. Mount the photos onto a thick paper or card stock and place them in a frame. For added visual interest, place the frames in groupings of uneven numbers and hang above your child’s headboard.

5. Add horse accents to pull the theme together.

The funnest part of creating your horse bedroom theme is completing it with finishing accents. Consider using plush animal horses, horse models, horse drawer pulls, horse music boxes, horse nightlights and more to give your room that polished look. For a real treat, try adding a real leather saddle or horseshoes to the wall. To expand on the horse bedroom theme, display riding boots and a crop.

Any of these five ideas, or even all of them, will help you create a horse theme bedroom that your daughter will love to share with her friends.

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