Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Accented Walls With a Hint of Mint

There are many bedroom decorating ideas suitable for everybody’s tastes. Even with the Master Bedroom, many people go for bold, with bright colors and modern furniture. Other people prefer their bedroom decorating ideas to be traditional, with floral chintzes or embroidered brocade.

A particular idea is the sophisticated chic look, by which I suspect the interior decorators mean neutral creams and beiges with the intention of the room being a sanctuary, a haven of peace. The quickest way you can change the look of your bedroom is by moving around your furniture. That is fine in a home which has bedrooms large enough to do this.

So, for those many people who have bedrooms with problem shapes, you will have to rely on colors and fabrics. Paint the wall behind your bed as a rich accent wall – lovely rich burgundy, plum or deep blue. It will warm the room up without detracting from the room’s light. Another bedroom decorating idea is to use fabric for the accent wall.

If you measure the width of the wall from edge to edge and purchase some PVC covered piping you can drape the fabric from the piping which is strong enough to keep the fabric gently draped. A color scheme which always seems to work in the bedroom is a cool mint green which, together with beige, creates a little more than monochromatic color, livening it with a clean and crisp mint green fabric to induce a mood of gentle harmony. This creates a graceful look for the Master Bedroom.

Another shade of green often used in the bedroom is the celery shade of green for the walls and a darker shade of green for the fabrics and bedding. Hang ivory damask or green drapes from wood window poles to finish this look and create a calming peace which is both modern and bright. Other shades that would match with the mint or the celery green walls would be a regency stripe fabric in a pale pink, or alternatively, the shade of grey just slightly darker than silver but lighter than gun metal grey. With a silver grey, deep pile carpet, the effect is bright, clean with just enough color to provide a chic uplift to the bedroom.

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