Chandeliers 101 – Guides in Buying Chandeliers

Have you been thinking of giving your boring living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway or foyer a face lift? Rather than spend thousands of dollars on renovations, why not invest in chandeliers. For centuries, chandeliers have been used to provide a touch of class and elegance to every home. There is no shortage of styles to choose from, ranging from timeless antiques to sleek ultra-modern pieces.

Your choice of a chandelier will depend upon certain factors, including the motif of the room/s where the chandelier will be installed, how much maintenance would be required and your budget. Let us first take a look at wrought iron chandeliers. Wrought iron chandeliers are one of the most affordable types of chandeliers mainly because its primary material is the very common metal, iron.

A versatile metal, iron can be molded into various styles, ranging from medieval to classic Baroque to the sleek minimalist designs that characterize modern furnishings. Iron is one of the most durable metals, requiring very little maintenance. Even if it is prone to rust and occasion, occasional applications of anti-rust solution will help preserve the pristine condition of your chandelier.

Chandeliers made from metals other than iron will require more effort when it comes to maintenance. A good example is the brass chandelier. Brass is a malleable metal which, like iron, can be transformed into a variety of shapes. Its main appeal lies in its warm honey yellow color, resembling gold. It is to preserve the polished finish of brass that regular upkeep is necessary.

In order to prevent brass from tarnishing, you will need to dust your chandelier regularly and polish it with natural polishing solutions, like vinegar, lemon juice or olive oil, or commercial brass polish. Another example is the alabaster chandelier. Although alabaster chandeliers are noted for their subdued glow, the stone it is made from is very soft, fragile and porous, so that you might end up altering or even damaging the alabaster with regular cleaning methods. Instead of using detergents and soaps, alabaster chandeliers are best polished with borax.

For those who want a touch of glamor to their homes, crystal chandeliers are the perfect choice. Aside from being elegant light sources, it is a beautiful, glittering showpiece that will immediately draw the eye of your guests and visitors. What most people don’t know is that the “crystals” on majority of crystal chandeliers being sold in lighting shops are not genuine crystals. They are pieces of glass specially cut into designs and facets, and then treated with lead oxide. The amount of lead determines the intensity of the glass’ shine. Crystal chandeliers are also very easy to maintain. It only needs daily dusting and cleaning the crystals with mild detergents or diluted vinegar solutions.

No matter what your choice of a chandelier will be, you will be assured that this lighting fixture will add to the uniqueness and beauty of your home. Learn more about how the various styles of chandeliers can meet the aesthetic requirements of your home.

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