Condo Renovation in Etobicoke: What You Need to Do

Since 1998, Etobicoke is a suburban district of the city of Toronto. People consider it a great place to live because of its close vicinity to central Toronto and low population density. The area has low population because Etobicoke has several industrial lands along its expressways. However, many multi-story high rise condos have come up in Southern Etobicoke near the Humber River.

As a lover of the condo life, you know that it offers great convenience. It means you do not have to take care of the exterior part of the condo nor the swimming pool. Also, you get to enjoy a clean fitness center without having to spend money on gym membership.

Living in a condo is great. But, what about your renovation needs? When it comes to condo renovation in Etobicoke, you cannot simply pick up the tools and start the renovation process on your own.

How to begin Condo Renovation in Etobicoke?

· Talk to a Condo Renovation Contractor

Etobicoke has a large population of 347,948 people. There are many condos, single-story homes, cul-de-sac housing developments in Etobicoke. And, there are a number of home renovation contractors who serve the people of the area. If you log on the web, you will find a plethora of options to choose from. It is essential that you hire someone after thorough scrutiny. Ensure that the contractor is a condo renovation contractor who will help you to create renovation plans for the Condo Board. Also, he should be willing to help you obtain a building permit from the local authorities.

· Talk to the Condo Board

When it comes to condo renovation in Etobicoke or any other part of Toronto, you have to apply for permission from the Condo Board. You will have to provide a detailed renovation plan to the Board and ensure them of minimal disturbance.

Also, if you have a land-lord, you will have to seek his approval on the issue. When you live in a rented condo, it is best to opt for neutral renovation jobs such as painting the kitchen cabinets and changing the lighting fixtures. But, if you own the place, you can make highly customized changes to suit your style.

· Apply for the Building Permit

As Etobicoke is a part of the City of Toronto, you have to obtain the building permit from the Toronto Building department. To obtain a permit means to seek formal permission for conducting any kind of construction, demolition and renovation work in your condo.

When you apply for the permit, the Toronto Building department will review your condo renovation plan and ascertain whether it complies with the following:

  1. Ontario Building Code
  2. Local Zoning By-Laws of Etobicoke
  3. Other Relevant laws

Once the department is sure that your condo renovation plans are safe for you and your community, they will approve the building permit.

Condo renovation requires obtaining permission from several authorities. It is because living in a condo means sharing the building with other people. And, when many people are involved, rules become a primary requirement for safe functioning. So, when you want to undertake condo renovation in Etobicoke, it is best to hire a reputed condo renovation contractor. He will be able to tell you whether your renovation ideas will get approval from the local authorities.

If renovating a condo is on your mind for long, do not let it remain a dream. Make it a reality with the help of a condo renovation contractor.

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