Decorating Secrets – How Rugs Can Give You the Look You Want

Whether you are looking to decorate that rustic get away cottage, a country home, a sophisticated and chic townhouse, or simply a single family home, there is one decorating secret that will help you to achieve just the look you want. Rugs. Rugs not only brighten your home and add warmth and style to it, they are the quintessential ingredient in achieving just the right ambiance.

Rustic Décor

If you are striving for the rustic look chances are you have a lot of wood furniture with comfortable cushions, sturdy tables and chairs, and perhaps a fireplace or wood burning stove. Now all you need is something to bring the whole thing together.

Choosing a rug that meets this decor is simple. You can choose from an entire selection of animal prints, braided rugs, and even rugs depicting bear, deer, or waterfowl. Selecting rugs that show bright bold colors will show off your furniture and brighten even the darkest corner while adding just the right touch to your rustic decor.

Braided rugs are perfect on either side of the bed or by a dresser when the colors in the rug highlight the colors in that heirloom quilt, making your entire room into a comfortable retreat and adding spots of bright color to those wood floors.

There are even rugs that capture the look of the west for those who are looking to achieve a western flavor to their home or get away cottage.

Be sure to remember to select an outdoor rug that will warmly greet visiting guests and will set the mood for your entire home.

Country Homes

Homes with a country flavor remind us of long walks in fields of flowers, bright sunny days, and a relaxing time spent free of worries. Choosing a rug that brings the outside indoors will help you achieve the look and feel of a country home.

There are many rugs with beautiful flower designs, and leaves as well as great colors that will remind you of the great outdoors. Sunshine yellow and bright blue make wonderful additions to a country home adding brightness and comfort to any room.

Country homes with old fashioned porches look especially inviting when you scatter a few outdoor rugs here and there, inviting guests to partake of a bit of country hospitality.


Rugs made of silk, fine orientals, and modern art designs all brighten and enhance your most sophisticated decor.

Ultra modern homes look especially wonderful with Picasso type rugs in front of that metal furniture or under that glass coffee table.

Beige and cream colored rugs, lighten a room and give a sense of quiet elegance.

Quietly Chic

For those of you who prefer a quietly chic environment, you might want to choose from the warm earth tone rugs, or a pastel rug. These rugs come in a multitude of styles and designs and add a quiet atmosphere to any room while giving it a bit of color and lighting darker walls.

Choosing an outdoor rug in a pastel stripe for your deck will enhance the delicate look of those roses or that English garden.

Whatever type of home you have, Rustic, country, Chic, or Sophisticated using rugs will enhance your decor.

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