Muscat Holidays Make for a Warm Winter in the Sun

Muscat, Oman, a jewel located in North Africa and is also considered as part of The Middle East. Dramatic mountain ranges and sparkling azure waters off the coast of The Gulf of Oman, set a fascinating backdrop for this Middle Eastern treasure. Every year millions of travelers enjoy fun and relaxing Muscat holidays.

Hidden among fragrant fruit grooves with sprawling landscaped gardens, Muscat hotels offer guest luxurious amenities. No, Muscat holidays would be complete without a shopping excursion to the Mutrah souk. This Arabic bazaar is filled with merchants selling a variety of goods like local spices, fresh produce, an array of dazzling fabrics, dates, handmade jewelry, gift boxes, beautiful woven tapestries, pottery, and perfumes fit for royalty.

Muscat has several interesting museums that offer visitors a look at ancient Arabic traditions. Muscat is also a bird watchers paradise, the holidays are a perfect opportunity to view many migratory birds that make Muscat their home for the cold winter months. The sapphire blue seas of Muscat are ideal for dolphin watching, deep sea fishing trips, or scuba diving in remarkable tropical seas. Snorkelers come up close and personal to catch a glimpse of beautifully colored tropical fish, whale and bullhead sharks, along with spectacular unusual hard and soft corals.

Oman hotels vary depending on the traveler, from desert camps for those who enjoy roughing it, to luxury beach fronts for the enthralled sunbather. Incredible scenery make Muscat, Oman a world class paradise perfect for the traveler looking to indulge in a wonderful desert oasis.

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