Old Style, New Style: The Stoves Richmond 900DFT and the Stoves Sterling 900DFT Range Cooker

Stoves knows what it is doing when it comes to range cooker design. Point for point, the stoves sterling 900DFT range cooker and the stoves Richmond 900DFT range cooker are almost identical. They share programming functionality, they have the same overall internal capacity and the same number of hobs. But they look like they have come from two different worlds.

Stoves almost appears to be asking you a question, with the styling of its two flagship 90 cm wide range cookers. Both are designed for what Stoves refers to as the “compact kitchen”. Both have been made to deliver a versatile range of functions, extras and cooking options. And both ask you this question: city, or country?

When you get down to it, that’s the basic difference between these two models. The Stoves Sterling 900DFT range cooker is all city: the Stoves Richmond 900DFT range cooker is all country. The Sterling and the Richmond give you dual fuel capabilities in a 90 cm wide shell; they both give you a 91 liter actual capacity; and they both let you convert to LPG. Both have cast iron pan holders and wok burners. Both have telescopic shelves and enamel interiors for easy use and easy cleaning. The Stoves Sterling, though, is clad in a very smart, very minimalist steel outfit; while the Stoves Richmond looks like it has just been for a run over the estate and is home in time for a hearty dinner.

The Stoves Richmond 900DFT cooker is clad in an enameled shell, with nice chunky oven and grill doors (they close with that satisfying “thunk” that only well manufactured parts can make). The knobs are neatly designed with sensible icons to let you know what you can do with each one. And a smart digital clock face reminds you that for all the country styling this is a modern appliance.

The Stoves Sterling 900DFT cooker has exactly the same configuration of knobs and dials – but is clad in professional looking flat steel. The same clock face is now given a neat circular trim with neat control buttons underneath.

Stoves has clearly decided that the basic package – i.e. the working bits – of its range cooker should stay the same no matter what the exterior looks like. It’s a clever idea, and one that works very nicely for the customer. If you know that the Stoves Richmond 900DFT cooker is going to work exactly the same, and as well, as the Stoves Sterling 900DFT cooker, then you don’t need to spend time agonizing over the fact that you like the look of one, but the other one has better compartments or functions for your needs.

Stoves has separated the way the cooker works, from the way it looks: allowing home owners with houses of all styles to get the look they want with the functionality they need. So whether you’re more of a country squire or an urban socialite, Stoves has got the range cooker to suit you.

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