Ooty Festivals And Good Hotels In Ooty

Ooty comes to vibrancy when it celebrates various social and religious festivals with enthusiasm and glamour. The different colors of these various Ooty festivals truly reflect the cultural side of this hilly township. Here are some of the popular festivals of Ooty and check out a few good hotels in Ooty.

Ooty Festivals
Here are two most renowned festivals in Ooty:

1. Ooty Mariamman Temple Festival-This is a summer festival of Ooty in which Goddess Kaali is revered and worshiped with great pomp and grandeur. The festival is celebrated in the month of April, when millions of devotees from all across the township come to visit the temple and catch a glimpse of their sacred deity. The locals have deep faith in the Goddess and celebrate this festival as they believe that Goddess Kaali would protect them from fatal diseases like measles, chicken pox etc, and would also shower them with wealth and prosperity.

2. Makar Pongal- This festival celebrates the harvest season and is witnessed all over Tamil Nadu with great celebration and festive fervor. Makar Pongal is celebrated by the locals to thank the Sun God, the God of Rain, Indra, and Nature by large for showering them with a good harvest which would lead to their economic prosperity. It is celebrated in the month of January from 12th to 15th. Locals decorate their houses with flowers and prepare rice pudding to celebrate this auspicious festival.

Good Ooty hotels

Among economy hotels in Ooty, Hotel Orchid Inn is quite famous. It is centrally located and offers an exotic view of the surrounding mountains and hills. It is in close proximity to the railway station and bus stand. Apart from all modern facilities and recreational services, the hotel has facilities for horse-riding on guest request. Recommended by 84{b1025a11d6fca82f56e51196a76fbfec8bec9234520bc1e9d30ddca52786c4dc} of its guests, the hotel charges Rs. 950 per night only.

Hotel Lake View is another good choice among Ooty hotels. It is a 2-star property spread over 8 acres of open land. Each cottage offers a panoramic view, with a private attached garden and open deck area, overlooking the lake and valley. Well equipped with all modern facilities, the room tariffs here are Rs. 1400 per night.

If luxury is of prime importance for you and you do not have financial constraints, then you can put up in one of the 5 star hotels in Ooty. Hotel Taj Savoy which sprawls over 6 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, over a high hill is a perfect choice for you. It consists of colonial style cottages surrounded by colorful flowerbeds which add to its English charm and refinement. It definitely provides for a quiet retreat, with all major luxuries well stacked, making it a ‘little pocket of paradise’.

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