The Condominium Trend That Will Set the World on Fire – Forgive the Pun

Standing at the window of a condominium unit brand new to Brooklyn, I was fascinated by the scenery. I could see out over all of Manhattan and East River. It was an image to keep.

I was amazed by many of the units in the building. Split levels with lofty ceiling space, these units were going to sell. There was no doubt about that. I was told they were getting calls all day long every day from people who were ready, but the units still aren’t yet.

My main attraction was the beautiful expansive wood flooring. Auburn walls contrasted with white walls completed the touch of class that just resonates perfectly with me. Whoever was responsible for interior design did an absolutely amazing job.

No, it wasn’t me. I wish it had been. But, I doubt I would have done anything any different. So why was I there? Well, there seemed to be an issue. There was actually something I could add that would bring a little more comfort and class to these already magnificent units.

After the most impressive tour, we broke for lunch. It was at lunch that I was popped the question. It seems that I have become somewhat of an expert on fireplaces. I started in construction with my father years ago and after graduating college, I started to take my own path into interior design. And I do have to say that I have fond memories of always having a fireplace in every home I ever lived. But, I never imagined myself being an expert on fireplaces.

For condominium units, traditional fireplaces just don’t work. The smoke itself makes it a huge turnoff, but there are other safety issues involved. So, we were able to simply skip any consideration for installing any traditional wood fireplaces.

I quickly objected to the installation of electric fireplaces too. I just don’t think they are classy at all. My normal objections concern power outages, which won’t be a problem for a condominium unit. But, I absolutely just don’t like them. So, we moved quickly forward.

Obviously, that brought us to a long conversation about gas fireplaces. I agreed that they would make a nice addition to the units and my pals at Ventless Gel Fireplace would be a little mad at me. But, I didn’t bring up Ventless Gel Fireplaces at all.

Then, the deep pocket leading the conversation asked me about an article I had written over a year ago. An article that had been syndicated in about twelve different magazines nationwide, Fireplace Future: Comparing Available Fireplaces was quoted. “There’s something about a tube that blows gas into a burning flame that sends signals to me,” were the words I had written. But, that wasn’t the major concern.

“Is it true that the,” looking down to read my exact words, “…byproduct of a gas fireplace is carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that spreads throughout your house?”

I quickly defended words the experts say to the tune that gas fireplaces don’t emit enough of the deadly gas to cause any harm. Then I added, “But, it’s something to think about.”

“That’s what you say in the article,” he followed. We paused for a moment on the conversation and then he broke the ice, “It’s funny how you haven’t mentioned anything about the Ventless Gel Fireplace. That’s admirable.”

To be totally honest, I was sort of biding my time. But, I had planned on mentioning Ventless Gel Fireplaces. It just turned out that he brought it up without me prompting him and he was giving me credit for that, which I was willing to accept.

For some time, we sat and talked about the different designs available and the fuel used to keep them burning. We finished our meals and shook hands cordially as we parted. They were heading back to do more talking and my business was over for the day.

So, I’m not sure where that conversation went as far as accommodating the residents with fireplaces. But, I would be willing to say that this is a safe and convenient trend for condominiums as well as businesses, restaurants and modern housing in communities facing strict fireplace legislation. No worries! Just keep your eyes open for it.

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