What Does FinallyFast Computer Repair Do To Fix Computers?

It seems every time I turn on my television or my radio I hear a commercial for FinallyFast. Some guy in the commercial will complain about his computer being slow and then he will go online to a website called FinallyFast and when he’s done everything in his life will be great once again. While I can’t fault a commercial for putting the best face on the product it sells, being a computer technician myself, I was concerned about just what FinallyFast was and what it did. So, I found out firsthand. In this article, I will tell you what I found.

The Results

Because you, too, are probably in a hurry to find out what it is I’ll tell you the end of the story now. FinallyFast is a registry cleaner. That is all it is. Actually, FinallyFast is the name of the website where they sell their software to you. So, the question is does this software do anything an average run-of-the-mill registry cleaner can’t? The answer is no.

On the other hand, it truly is reasonably priced. In fact, I know of registry cleaners that cost quite a bit more. However, as the old adage states, “you get what you pay for,” and as the statement implies, FinallyFast appears to be just a pedestrian piece of software that fixes most of the errors in your Windows registry.

A Free Scan

When you go to their site, you can get a free scan of your computer to find out just how many registry errors you have. The question here is; are they honest about how many registry errors they tell you your computer has? I can’t really vouch for the answer. However, there are registry cleaners I use regularly in my line of business and I recommend my customers use and I can 100{b1025a11d6fca82f56e51196a76fbfec8bec9234520bc1e9d30ddca52786c4dc} vouch for their honesty about this! Therefore, I will not recommend using FinallyFast because I am not sure. This is not to say they are not honest, I just mean I don’t know for sure.

But Repairs Cost Money

If you find out you have registry errors you then will have to pay to register your copy of their registry cleaner so you can let the software fix these errors. This is a normal procedure and I don’t find any problem with it. In fact, it is rather handy to know if the problems you are having with your computer are caused by registry errors or not before you go and pay for something to fix it.

My final word on FinallyFast is; I don’t have a lot of really bad things to say about it. However, their commercials are a little bit misleading because actually they don’t really have good options for a computer that is suffering from spyware, hard drive defragmentation or driver mismatches. On the other hand, I know of reasonably priced software packages that include all of these functions. Therefore, these registry cleaners are the ones I recommend instead of FinallyFast.

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