Where Does Allen Iverson Live?

While many may know where does Allen Iverson live, they may not have been aware of his difficult days before he became famous.

Allen Iverson was born to his mother, Ann when his mother was only 15 years old. She was a single mother and it was indeed tough for her to make ends meet. They lived in a house in Hampton, Virginia on top of the city sewers. Whenever the sewers burst the floor would be covered by layers of sewage. Due to their financial constraints, the house was often running out of water or having no electricity because of the unpaid bills. Iverson’s father had never been a father to him. He stayed in Connecticut where his mother and father stayed before Allen was born.

After Allen Iverson was being drafted to be the first overall by the National Basketball Association team of Philadelphia 76ers in 1996, he finally bought a house in the vicinity of Villanova, Pennsylvania. The house measures about 14,000 square and has six massive bedrooms, an artificial waterfall and a stream. Iverson’s house in Villanova is also featured with a veranda, a coffee bar and a media area. The main suite in the house has bathrooms with stylish and elegant marble floors.

It is pretty astonishing that Iverson’s house has four additional bedrooms besides a segregated accommodation for guests with a kitchenette, bedroom as well as a living room. Furthermore, guests would definitely love the entertainment features of the house. It includes an expedient billiard room, a very cozy lounge and a mini movie theater fitting up to 12 persons. It is believed that this is where does Allen Iverson lives right now. However, either Iverson has become much wealthier, no longer fancied this amazing house or perhaps due to personal reasons, somehow he has decided to sell it off.

The most recent news about Iverson, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s transactions’ section is that Allen Iverson has recently purchased a house at 675 Paces Ferry Road, one small gated neighborhood in Kingswood, Buckhead. It was formerly a residence of John’s Creek. Thus there are spreading rumors that hanging out places like Paces Ferry Road will trigger the possibility of you meeting the great basketball player noshing on a bagel having whitefish salad at the Goldberg’s or he could probably be sipping sweet tea at the OK Café.

Hence if you wish to know where does Allen Iverson live at the moment, perhaps the Kingswood in Buckhead would be a more précised answer.

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