5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Patio, Veranda Or Pergola

When your pergola is complete or perhaps when it is a few years old, you will be looking for ways to make it your own, ways to create a comfortable and desirable environment.

If your pergola, patio or veranda is older and in need of perking up, there are many ways to enhance the look after you have made sure all the cobwebs have been removed, the dirt wiped away and the floors swept clean.

1) Furniture

The furniture you place in your out door area greatly contributes to the feel and comfort of the space. Old, faded plastic chairs and chipped tables will not make a welcoming invitation. Dry and peeling timber and greasy BBQ equipment will not encourage family get togethers. If you can’t afford to splash on some new furniture, keep your existing furniture clean and in good repair and this alone will help remarkably to perk up your pergola. If your budget will allow, then set the mood of your outdoor space with the perfect furniture. Do you prefer to dine alfresco? Then buy a lovely dining set to complement your home. Teak, bamboo or cane furniture will set the tone for a tropical oasis.

2) Lighting

An old light fitting, clogged up with moths and dead flies is not exactly the best way to set the mood. Lighting has a strong influence on the ambiance that your outdoor area will have in the evenings. For a retro, tropical feel you could assemble a line of Tiki torches, or for a romantic hide-away you could place an array of candles, sconces and votives. Or perhaps you just want adequate light to grill the steaks and enjoy a beer on a balmy summer’s eve. If that is more your style then go with simple wall or ceiling mounted fittings. What ever you choose, let it set the tone for your lifestyle.

3) Plants

Adding some greenery is a cost effective way to spruce up any pergola or patio. You could simply buy some colourful pots and succulents for a desert style oasis. For a country veranda or cottage, some terracotta window boxes and tubs would be perfect for potted colour and annuals. Keen gardeners can get stuck in and plant wisteria, a climbing rose, bougainvillea or a grape vine and watch as over the years your pergola is transformed into a garden of delights.

4) Repairs

It might sound obvious, but after a while we all tend to ignore the build up of dirt, cobwebs and dust on our favourite out door spaces. We don’t see the peeling paint and chipped and mossy paving. An inexpensive and highly effective way to spruce up your pergola or patio is to give it a good clean. Hire a gerni or steam cleaner, swipe your broom over the corners and ceiling to get rid of old webs and random nests. Scrape off the mossy paving and give the timber a new lick of paint.

5) Fire

We all know Aussies love to have a BBQ, but have you ever thought of a fire pit or wood fired oven? Build a Mexican chimnea that will not only cook your food but warm your toes in the winter or for an authentic Mediterranean experience, why not build a brick or clay oven to cook pizza or home made bread. Interesting cooking areas add a great focal point to your patio or pergola and will make entertaining exciting again.

So depending on your budget, you can invest in some out door furniture or you can simply give your pergola a good clean out and buy some candles; either way, sprucing up your pergola will give you incentive to spend more time in the great outdoors.

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