Retro Fridge Versus Modern Fridge

Retro, anything from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, can be a fun way to decorate. Some people like to add pieces in a modern home, or use the whole style to decorate their home with a complete retro look. If doing this in the kitchen, the refrigerator can be a piece that can go the retro route instead of using a more modern day one. So what is the difference between a retro fridge and a modern fridge?

A retro fridge may be found in different colors than a modern one, like bold reds, sky blues or avocado greens. Modern fridges are made now to often blend into the kitchen cabinetry or at least have a subtle color like a smooth brushed stainless steel or simple white; sometimes they blend so well they just look like more cabinetry. The color is something that people who want a retro one often seek out; it adds a fun, bright flair to a kitchen. Retro refrigerators also have a more rounded shape than the sleek look of modern fridges.

With retro styles, they are usually over under freezer styles while modern refrigerators have a lot of different choices, including the over under styles (either the freezer is on top or on the bottom of the refrigerator section), side by side, or combinations. Also, the retro fridges do not have automatic ice makers or defrosters in the freezers, while the modern ones have not only automatic ice makers and defrosters, they also have water dispensers, various ice dispensers and many have even more features. They are also usually bigger than the retro styles, therefore have more room inside both in the refrigerated section and the freezer part.

However, if the decision is too hard, or the look of a throwback fridge would really complete a kitchen’s certain style, there is another option. Some companies make modern fridges that have the look and colors of a retro one. These combine that retro look with the modern advantages of refrigerators of today, including the defrosting capabilities. The colors are great and have that real retro feel, imagine sky blue, cherry red and pink lemonade. It is possible to have the best of both worlds.

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