The Difference Between a Vessel Sink and an Apron Sink

When considering a new vessel sink, or apron sink you should understand the differences between the two and which is more suitable for your home. There are a few distinct differences between these two styles of sinks that may make your choice a much easier one.

These sinks are round in appearance. They look just like bowls mounted on a counter. They are very modern looking sinks that would be right at home in an ultramodern kitchen. These sinks come in an assortment of different sizes and colors but they all maintain the bowl looking shape. There are crystal sinks, as well as metal and fiberglass ones.

Apron sinks are large rectangular basins that take up a decent amount of space. They are not nearly as compact as vessel sinks and they don’t look quite as modern either. They will fit in with older fashioned sinks than vessel sinks will however. They also look like they might be more functional than the other type.

These two types of sinks are suited to different purposes. For the most part an apron sink would be a better fit for a kitchen that is without a dish washer. This type of sink is large and deep and well suited to washing dishes. A vessel sink would do alright in a kitchen equipped with a dish washer but it still would not fare as well as an apron style. Vessel sinks are much better suited to bathrooms where they will not be used for much more than washing hands.

Out of the two types of sinks vessel style are made for looks and apron style are for functionality. It is important to decide which one you want in your home. After you do shop around find the best deal you can and get what you want. You will not be disappointed.

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