Types of White Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds had its origination in the Louis Philippe era in 1850. They were also known as Lit Bateau beds in France, which means boat beds. These beds gained much popularity in UK due to their ornate carvings and scrolled headboards that make them look really majestic. Soon this Lit bateau bed design also reached the US market and gained popularity there. If you have been considering buying a white sleigh bed for your home then here are some of the top designs for you:

Mahogany beds:

Most of the classic furniture sets are made of Mahogany, which is the staple wood. Apart from being really classy, it is also easy to ornate, has very fine texture and is highly durable. The woods are usually taken from the renewable sources, to minimize the carbon footprints. The white sleigh beds usually have a covering made of white colored twill fabric.

Four poster beds:

These were the designer beds used by the Emperors and Kings. The four poster style beds are popular since the pre- Elizabethan age. The designs however change with times. In the 16th century, the style was highly ornate and antique. In the 18th century, the style was plain and the 19th century boasted a rich but neoclassical style.

The design may range from minimalist to rococo, from the simple lines to heavy ornate carvings and natural wood finishes. Earlier most of the sleigh beds were usually available in dark colors, but in the recent times, the white beds and lighter shades close to white have been in style. If you want to buy royal and lavish beds then go for the king size and queen size ones.

Transitional beds:

If you are looking for something that is both traditional and contemporary then you may consider buying the transitional sleigh beds. These beds are designed in a casual style. The Modus City II Leatherette Low Profile Sleigh Bed is the perfect example of transitional style bed.

Lighting plays an important role in creating the right ambience of your bedroom. You must buy matching lampshades and night stands for your bedroom because they create a complementary item for your bed. With the AF Lighting Davin Table Lamp, you can enhance the overall decor and design of your room. If the classic look and style of sleigh bed attracts you, make it more appealing by adding some good lighting effects and complementary decor items like privacy drapes and canopy.

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