All About Freestanding Cookers in the Kitchen

The cooker is the most essential and important of all other types of kitchen appliances. Once they have been purchased we rarely need to buy others to replace them. However, there are instances when we do need a new cooker to maintain the pace at which your family’s needs increases. The more you may decide to purchase a new cooker to replace your old one the more a wide array of different types of cookers you will have to choose from. A wisely researched and purchased freestanding cooker will definitely meet your requirements and also save you a lot of money. This article focuses on freestanding cookers that have the oven, grill and hob included in one neat package that will fit perfectly into any kitchen space.

Most freestanding cookers that are available in major electronic appliances stores may come with one or two ovens, or in some cookers an oven and a separate grill, others may also include a four-zone hotplate. However virtually all freestanding cooking appliances normally comes with a grill. The grill can be slotted either beneath the hob or at the eye level.

Freestanding cookers come in several sizes and styles. There are larger models with a width of 70cm upwards. This will normally come with two or more ovens or in some instances a single but a very large one approximately 60-118 litres in capacity as compared with the average 55 litres capacity for a standard oven. It may also have six or more burners. This model of freestanding cooker is widely known as range-style cookers. And there popularity is quickly increasing. This is due to there economical prices, they can be purchased with as low as £1,000. Some range-style freestanding cookers also do have storage drawers, slow cookers, warming areas and a separate grill compartment. The heights of all freestanding cookers are standard i.E. The measurement from the hob to the base and their depths are the same at about 900mm x 600mm. However they do come with different widths which can vary from 500mm to 1200mm, or even more depending on the number of grills and burners it has.

When purchasing a new cooker the style and its design is an important consideration, this is because there are plenty of choices to choose from. The choices vary from traditional styles to minimalist, retro-look and professional models fit for larger hotels and restaurants. There is also a variety of colors that you can choose from. The most current and fashionable freestanding cooker is that with a stainless steel finish. Though there are other colors that are great too such as the usual white and brown, and other colors such as black, anthracite, racing green and aluminum.

You may be wondering which type of freestanding cookers are the best. There are a variety of them; there are those that are all-electric, all-gas or dual fuel. For instance there are those with an electric oven but a gas hob. Therefore you can choose the one that meets your daily and family needs.

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