Bring A Modern Element To Your Kitchen With A Stainless Paper Towel Holder

The stainless steel paper towel holder is currently one of the most popular choices in paper towel holders. As such, there is a nearly endless supply of different designs and styles to chose from. Part of the reason for this is due to the fact that the stainless steel finish is a neutral sleek look that goes well with most modern and contemporary themes.

Stainless steel is not only extremely durable in itself; but it also provides an extremely sleek and modern look. As such, all forms of paper towel holders exhibit at least one model manufactured in stainless steel. From freestanding units to magnetic units, there is a stainless paper towel holder for just about every functional as well as thematic desire.

Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holders – Popular Design Options

Due to the popularity of the modern look and longevity of steel for this extremely diverse kitchen accessory, there is a model of stainless steel available for just about every variation available. However, among those that are popular, there are a few that stand out due to their default design; and stainless offers the perfect supplement to their already modern design.

Standard Vertical Single Base Holder In Stainless

These holders are the basic design of kitchen towel holders. They offer the easiest and most functional solution for their low scale cost. As such, adding a finish such as stainless steel helps to bring out their modern qualities and offers the opportunity to meld one of these seemingly simplistic designs into an intricate modern theme.

Wall Mounted Modern Designs In Stainless

These designs exhibit extremely modern qualities that allow them to function above and beyond in most popular modern based themes. Generally, these designs consist of the common mounted design consisting of a single mounting base in conjunction with fixed arms that hold the roll. In all, these make a fantastic addition to a modern based theme and add that extra bit of functionality in that they can be mounted to the wall as opposed to taking up surface space.

Unique Stainless Steel Designs

As with a lot of modern accessories, there are quite a few off the wall designs that appeal exclusively to a specific demographic of modernized consumers. This is no different with paper towel holders; there is an endless array of unique designs that exhibit eye popping qualities that supplement modern themes perfectly. Some are extremely innovative and increase the functionality of an already functional accessory; while others simply do not.

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