The History of Marble Fireplaces

Marble fireplaces were first created and introduced as early as the 17th century in elegant homes. As the fireplace is usually the first central point people see on entering a room it makes an impression. There is nothing as stunning as a marble fireplace to make a room extra special. As a home improvement a marble fireplace is always a good investment as it adds style and quality to your environment. Period designs are popular as they add such elegance but some people prefer more modern styles.

The range of fireplaces available is ample when looking for home improvement purposes. In the 18th century the Adams brothers became famous for their designs, many of them are still widely used. It was known at this time that displaying the family portrait above the marble fireplace was the fashion. There was the introduction of the mantelpiece as an extension of the fireplace. Marble was utilised extensively for building and sculpture and is the ideal material for a fireplace surround.

You will find lots of choice and a wide selection of designs of marble fireplaces London to look at for your home improvement needs. It will be easy to select the best marble fireplace to compliment your particular accommodation. The fireplaces are hand crafted using the finest materials and excellent workmanship. If you cannot decide on a style it is possible to have a bespoke design crafted. Open fires and fireplaces were common until the 20th century when more contained heating replaced most of them. Fireplaces produced today accommodate modern heating sources, as well as traditional and some are simply ornamental only.

Marble fireplaces are made from highly polished limestone that looks good and stays looking good. They are easy to clean and come in several colour options. A marble fireplace can be integrated into any age property to provide an amazing centerpiece. As marble is a naturally formed material each fireplace creation will be unique in patterning and colour. This is one of the reasons they hold their value as a home improvement.

From the Iron Age to the 20th century fireplaces were generally used for cooking and water heating. It was only after the introduction of stand-alone appliances for these purposes that the open fire declined. Fireplaces became a focal point in the home for family gatherings and relaxation. Their purpose had changed but they remain in vogue as the main feature of a living room in the home. The open fire effect, lighting and even crackle can be recreated by modern fire heaters.

Look at marble fireplaces London for your home improvement; you will be able to view the quality and splendid craftsmanship first hand. You will find yourself spoilt for choice. The many different mantels, hearths, grates and decorative features on show will help you plan your perfect fireplace. A good fireplace can make all the difference to any room. It can be the starting point for redecoration or it can be designed to coordinate with your present decor.

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