Choice Of Contemporary Bed Frames Must Reflect Your Personality

Almost a third of human beings lives are spent sleeping. Hence, the bedroom must be a place of comfort, style and reflect the owner’s unique personality. If the bedroom has a cold, utilitarian feel to it, then your rest will not be peaceful and you will not enjoy this important time of relaxation and rejuvenation. As much as the mattress on which you sleep needs to be comfortable and elegant, the bed frame is equally important both to enhance the style of the bedroom and as a support for the mattress.

The platform bed frame was created long before the box spring frame. The essence of a platform bed frame is the raised, hard, flat surface that supports the mattress. The frame has a solid paneling that provides adequate support to the mattress. Hence the mattresses of most platform frames need not have a separate support. Depending on the style, platform frames can be divided into:

• Traditional

• Transitional

• Storage

• Contemporary

The traditional platform bed frame can be used in old style colonial mansions to give an early mission style to the bedroom in keeping with the architecture of the house itself. A transitional bed frame is caught between the old and new worlds. It has a modern appearance with traditional manufacturing techniques. Storage frames have raised platforms with space under the bed frame to store suitcases, boxes, or even have small built in drawers attached to the underside of the frame.

Contemporary frames usually have solid color schemes and clean, uncluttered lines. These frames can be either the platform or the box spring model. They give a very beautiful European look to a bedroom. Most contemporary furniture has a characteristic low feature, i.e., they do not have tall legs but are low slung and neat. They can be made from different materials like wood, metal or aluminium and the choice really depends on individual tastes. For modern apartments or penthouses, the aluminium frame with synthetic fibers is a popular choice. This gives a very trendy and artistic look to the bedroom.

Wooden contemporary frames can be used in country style villas in keeping with the rustic d├ęcor of the rest of the house. Wooden frames with carvings also give a romantic setting to the bedroom. For those who wish, contemporary canopy bed frames are also popular as long as you have the space to accommodate the canopy frame. The only drawback of contemporary bed frames that are low slung is that they may not have space underneath for extra storage. This works out fine if the bedroom is spacious enough that the space under the bed is not required to store extra stuff.

Most platform bed frame – especially the canopy style – models come with a headboard and a footboard. However, contemporary frames usually come with a headboard alone. When choosing the style for the headboard, go with simple straight lines. Generally, platform frames are rectangular in shape and so, keeping with this, get a headboard that is also rectangular and in the same color scheme as the rest of the frame. A curvy headboard with a rectangular shaped frame can look incongruent.

Contemporary frames have many choices in headboards like a mirrored headboard. This will match the frame beautifully and also give a larger appearance to the room. Make sure the mirrored headboard is facing a window so that the room can reflect the scenery outside the window. Some headboards also have rectangular bookshelves that allow storage of small items like an alarm clock, vase of flowers, books and even a reading light. A platform headboard with a bookshelf can save space by eliminating the need for a bedside table.

Modern platform frames also come with leather headboards that could look good for a man’s bedroom as it has a masculine look. Leather headboards must ideally have a contrasting color to the wall to have a better effect. If you have the budget and can really go wild with your imagination when decorating your bedroom, you can try a wrought iron headboard made from black to contrast with a wooden platform bed frame. This will give a very dramatic look to the bed frame. Apart from cost, remember to check the size of the bed frame and if your bedroom size can accommodate this frame. Else the room will look cluttered and lose the effect you are trying to create.

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