Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplace Design Planning Ideas

An open fire is always sure to become a focal point for a relaxing evening experience outdoors. While some use an open fire for hot dog and marshmallow roasting, you can always use it for serious cooking as well. The fire pits and fireplaces of today can be equipped with grates, tripods, spits, and rotisseries.

This kind of cooking might be less convenient, and require a little more work than cooking on a standard grill, but many people enjoy the more primitive outdoor cooking experience.

The Fire Pit:

Basically, a fire pit is no more than a hole in the ground with a decorative stone or brick ring surrounding it. Building a fire pit can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it, but there are many fire pit plans found online for those who want to tackle that project.

If choosing to build or buy a gas powered pit, a gas line will have to be run into the pit. Of course, whatever kind of fire pit you get, be sure and place it away from any sort of fire hazard such as piles of dry leaves or brush.

Some fire pit ideas include:
– A gas fire pit built of ceramic stone gives your patio a retro-style look.
– A cast-concrete pit provides a different but modern look.
– A flat tile surface around the pit gives people a place to put drinks and food without having to hold onto them the whole time.

You can also buy a portable metal fire pit is you like the flexibility of moving it around the patio. With these, you simply place them on any safe surface and build the fire. 

The Outdoor Fireplace:

An outdoor fireplace is build in much the same way as an indoor one. There is not as much concern about venting, but you do want the flue to pull smoke through the chimney instead of out the fireplace opening.

Getting this flue draw is a little tricky, as the firebox and flue must be built just right. You should either hire a professional to build a fireplace from scratch, or purchase a fireplace kit that you can assemble yourself.

Some other outdoor fireplace ideas include:

– A large outdoor fireplace situated against or near a wall of your house can make the whole house design look appealing. Consider having this done if you have a blank and dull wall of your house facing the patio.

– Another great option for an outdoor fireplace, and for those with a big patio, is to have two fire areas and chimneys together in one unit. One would be the regular fireplace, and the other could be a pizza oven. The fire areas could be angled to create the look of two separate lounging areas in front.

When it comes to fire pits and fireplaces, there really are no design limits, outside of the your patio area and your budget. Use a design that fits your outdoor lifestyle, and your fires will always heat up your patio experiences.

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