Garden Design Ideas For a Beginner

If you haven’t got green fingers, don’t really have a clue about DIY and need some help planning your new garden, here are some garden design ideas to consider.

The most important part of any garden design is the initial planning. Get this right and everything else becomes far easier. Get it wrong and you’re left facing an uphill struggle, having to solve all kinds of problems along the way.

Start by wandering around your garden and jotting down the things you like about it and the things you’re not so sure about. What do you want to change? Are your changes realistic? Are they easy to do? Do you have the time and money to invest? All of these questions need to be considered and answered before you do anything else.

Once you’ve got passed the initial review, list all of the essential items you want or need in your garden design. Then start sketching out a rough outline of where you want everything to be positioned. Once you’ve planned somewhere for all the essentials, you can start adding the other more luxurious or personal items to your design. However, don’t fill your garden with all kinds of things to start of with as you’ll end up with a cluttered and busy design. Unlike interior design, it is a good idea to the skeleton of your garden designed and built and then add to it gradually over time.

To move your sketch up a level, use garden design software which can be downloaded from the web for free. This will give you far more in-depth ideas about what you can achieve with your garden and what the finished product will look like.

Once you think you’ve got your design worked out, stay online and use the internet to get prices on all the new things you need for your garden design. You’ll probably find the choice available to be far wider. Even if you prefer to visit high street shops, the web is a great place to look for ideas and get inspiration.

Hopefully these one or two garden design ideas will give you a starting point to build on and help you plan the garden of your dreams.

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