Mosaic Tables And Tiles – Enjoy Your Summer

The irregularities in shape, texture, and color that come from hand-finishing are typical of moroccan-moorish floor and tile walls. Wall tiles are predominantly used in the kitchen and bathroom, as they provide a hygienic surface that is both waterproof and easy to clean, and offer smoother finish to counteract the rough natural surfaces. Today neither of these rooms has a purely utilitarian function. The kitchen has become the warm heart of the home while the bathroom has become a private sanctuary that is inviting and pleasant to enter .

The masters artisans “maalmeen” in old cities in Morocco are still using old techniques cutting zellij “mosaic tile”, the same techniques used centuries ago. Nowadays we still can see some unbelievable zellij “tile” work in Alhamabra palace and in the whole Andalusia province -Spain. Moorish moved for a peaceful life in north of Morocco and carried with them the entire culture which is now a moroccan way of life. brings to its online customers the best of these historic products, they’ve been adding Moroccan home décor mosaic tile tables top, tile sinks, mural & floor tiles. If you are looking for a mosaic table and you don’t have a clue which mosaic tile top will suit or fit in…or match colors of your walls….here is some tips. If you are looking for a mosaic table and you don’t see the colors and the patterns you want, then custom make your own with your own designs and colors. These home décor pieces come in different shapes

– Large rectangle tables

– Round dining table

– Rectangular coffee table

– Bar tables

– All these tables come in different sizes and they come with wrought iron bases

Historically, man has desired to create living spaces which were beautiful, durable, and user friendly. with that in mind,ceramic tile has been made by man for 4000 years.beautiful tiled surfaces have been found in the oldest pyramids, the ruins of babylon, and ancient ruins of greek cities. Decorative tilework was invented in the near east, where it has enjoyed a longer popularity and assumed a greater variety of design than anywhere in the world. during the islamic period, all methods of tile decoration were brought to perfection in persia. in europe decorated tiles did not come into general use outside moorish spain until the second half of the 12th century. the tile mosaics of spain and Portugal.

Stunning geometric designs of mosaic tiles called zillige adorn floors and walls of Moroccan courtyards, houses and fountains, and create a decorative surface like no other. The motifs used in thehand cut tile are complex and abstract, and use traditional patterns which usually involve geometrical interlacing radiating from a central star. The techniques of the craftsmen are ancient, passed down and perfected from generation to generation.

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