Wonderful Walnut Bathroom Furniture for Contemporary Bathrooms

A longstanding feature of contemporary hotel suites, walnut bathroom furniture is not for the faint hearted: this dark wood exudes luxury, but used excessively can have the effect of darkening and even shrinking a room. Like any dark toned material, you should use it sparingly in rooms that are small, low ceilinged, or have limited natural light.

Available across a range of prices to suit almost any pocket, you can choose bathroom furniture constructed from solid walnut, or opt for less budget-busting products with a walnut veneer or laminate finish. A small bathroom might benefit from some coordinated walnut accessories: a matching walnut toned washstand and toilet seat could bring a hint of dark wood to your room without being overpowering, especially if your basin, bath, toilet and shower are white.

If you have more space and plenty of light, however, you might like to try coordinating across a wider range of bathroom furniture. Walnut toned vanity units and bath panels will provide a sweep of walnut across your whole bathroom and could contrast beautifully with brilliant white wall paint and tiles in striking shades such as lime green. Alternatively, you could steal an idea from contemporary kitchen design and add a colourful, customised glass splashback panel above your basin.

Finally, if you love a bold bathroom, you have plenty of space and light, and you’re feeling brave, you can go for broke with an opulent vision in walnut. Solid walnut bathroom furniture and toilet seat, set off by a walnut travertine freestanding bath and countertop basin, can be matched in tone with striking zebrano flooring and dark wallpaper with a muted, contrasting pattern. Accessorise with a glass vase or two, displays of dark red candles, bold, walnut framed prints on the walls, a soft rug on the floor, and oversized chocolate towels with a luxuriously deep pile. Paint the ceiling white to keep a feeling of height in the room, and this will combine with the touches of white and chrome in the room from the wall hung toilet bowl and from the taps and towel rail, lending the room some contrast.

Using walnut for your bathroom furniture will undoubtedly give the room a contemporary, lavish look, perfectly at home in a modern house or large city centre apartment. If you decide to ditch an old rustic styled or dated bathroom and go for broke with a modern transformation, the effect of using walnut could be jaw dropping.

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