Wooden Fireplace Mantels For A Rustic Decor

A nice fireplace, with an appropriate design, shape and material combination, can become the center of the living room and the center of the entire home. It can be the place around which friends gather, where the stories from the stove come to life during the long and cold winter evenings or a romantic place where you can sit together with the one you love. A fireplace brings warmth and light into your house. A well chosen model can turn it into the very soul of your dwelling.

On the market there is a large variety of fireplaces available, which may be a little bit confusing for the undecided buyer. First of all, apart from design, the type of fireplace must be suited to the house architecture. Most homes nowadays do not have a chimney, as old traditional fireplaces did. The prefabricated fireplaces, fueled by gel or gas and the electric fires are used instead, as they are easier to install, safer and even more affordable. Besides, they do not raise air pollution problems, as the ancient did.

So, if you have already chosen your gas fire, the next step would be to consider an appropriate fireplace mantel. Here the functionality leaves room to design. There are several types of fireplace mantels for your gas fire, which you might take into consideration, according to the material they are made up of: marble, stone, wood and even iron. They are such way designed to fit any model of gas or electric fire.

If your option is a rustic design, then you may choose a wooden fireplace mantel, which will bring nature closer to you. The usage of natural elements by home decoration brings warmth and comfort, as these elements convey a state of freedom and relaxation and remove the feeling of oppression of a closed space. Persons that live in a rustic home will enjoy a more creative, free, relaxed, dynamic life style. Natural elements have this effect on us to remove tension, cast away worries and make us more optimistic and happier.

The new gas fires combine technology and design, so it will be easy to find what you are looking for. Discover the multiple functions the modern gas fires offer, to find the model that suits your modern life. New models with appealing design, fit to match the room decor, are developed every day, so a visit in the specialized stores will help you be happy with your choice.

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