Old World Luxurious Decor

Explore and innovate designs and ideas that will give your living room a high-end makeover, making the room luxurious and classic. One way is replacing your sofa and coffee table with more stylish pieces? Or using eclectic furnishings and unique artifacts that create drama and add a different dimension to your interiors.

A couple of surefire interior design tricks is going big and using luxe finishes creating high style without overwhelming the room. Wall Mirrors are the arch-typical accessory to add light, creating an illusion of vastness and a bright luxe feeling. Hanging a large jharokha mirror above a sofa, credenza or a fireplace gives the room a nice pizzazz. Old Indian terrace window frames are used to create arched mirrors and exclusive wall decor. The rustic worn patinas of Indian Doors or dark wood latticed mirror frames in a neutral living room creates an elegant backdrop to the white sofas.

When it comes to artwork in the living room, the original hand carved wall sculptures give a luxe feel to the room. Large wall carvings and sculptures creates a gallery look, which appears classic and royal. Wall Carvings of Buddha, Krishna with a touch of metallic gold paint turns an ordinary credenza into a showpiece.

Lush curtains and window treatments hung as high as possible on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling creates volume and gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, a statement that many luxury living rooms carry. Doubling up on panels, thicker bunched panels make most curtain materials look more lush and also conceals any inferior quality of your draperies. A mostly solid color that has some velvety texture makes even less costly curtains look fancy. Play with sheers and solids to create drama and a flowing feel.

Luxurious Pillows and Throws in embroidered with metallic beads, vintage patchwork tapestry pillows, the textured surfaces help create a layered and highly styled look. Embellished throws, silk and pashmina blankets add the right amount of color and texture. Add textiles in hues taking color from your favorite sofa or make a statement with your glamorous pillows with a vibrant shade of color.

Over sized minimalist accessories like a beautiful, one of a kind large decorative wood sculpture creates an artful silhouette and creates a focal point. Old Apsara stone sculptures, Bronze and brass statues of Ganesha and Shiva, placed on the old door coffee table complements the minimalist decor. An old rustic book shelf made from Haveli doors filled with these unusual art pieces creates a focal point in the otherwise minimalist room. Luxurious decor with a touch old world charm and history turns your living room into a vibrant dynamic space.

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