Design First, Build Second – A Great Landscape Design is Always the Best First Step!

Scottsdale, Arizona is a great place to call home, and it was actually voted “Most Liveable City” in 1993!  With above average property values, and a huge desire to live life outdoors – Arizona pools and landscaping are a “must have”.  Some new homeowners can have a challenging time in the overall design of their outdoor environment – what they need, what they can afford, etc..   Whether you live in a city like Scottsdale, or one similar, choosing a good landscape or pool contractor can be a challenge.  A professional landscape design company recommends a few things you should find helpful when hiring a company to design a pool and/or landscape project:  

1.  A professional landscape design can be one of the best investments to start any substantial pool and landscape project – especially one that involves outdoor entertainment, landscaping, and hardscapes.   

2.  A experienced outdoor/landscape designer will take all aspects of what the client is trying to achieve, and incorporate that into a creative, effective, and useable pool and landscape plan.   

3.  A professional landscape designer usually excels in creating unique and sustainable outdoor environments, by considering the ways that the outdoor spaces will be used by his clients!  

4.  By combining unique features,  the latest technology, the latest fads, and a manageable budget – landscape and pool design is the single best investment in an outdoor project – meanwhile requiring the smallest monetary investment (A expert landscape plan can start with as little as a four hundred dollar investment – where as a more elaborate landscape plans can require closer to twelve hundred dollars – a small price to pay to have something professionally rendered into a presentation for customer approval and precise construction)  

5.  Fact:  Most landscaping firms are not very good at landscape design – and don’t understand the fundamentals of great architecture, layout, and quality.  Sometimes finding the right landscape planner can create or break your backyard project.   

6.  Most landscape designers have little experience in planning for some of the main features in larger outdoor projects – swimming pools, hot tubs, and shade structures.  Find an outdoor designer that understands both features and the function each has in your project.  

7.  Using a professional pool designer to recommend landscaping, plants, trees, fireplaces, masonry & entertainment areas is like having a SUSHI chef try to slow cook Texas Barbecue (it just doesn’t work!).  

“Overall, spend time & effort into making sure your huge investment integrates pool and landscaping into one great project!”, claims one Phoenix landscape design/build contractor.  “Find a designer that you feel comfortable with, one that can answer ALL of your challenging concerns, and that can recommend an installation contractor for the project.  

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