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What you see – The 36,000 square feet Alqove, reflects the design sensibilities of places as varied as the Far East, Europe and India. It stocks classic and contemporary furniture in various textures along with exclusive artifacts. And while it plays its part in sprucing up your home, it does not lag behind in doing up its own interiors as well. Among its welcoming features, are a water pit and a Buddha mural that are worth replicating at your own home.

What you get – The first and the third floors of Alqove are dedicated to contemporary furniture like plush sofa sets, side tables, dressing tables and beds. Enter the second floor and you have a range of period and ethnic furniture ranging from peacock coffee tables, crystal worktables to carved four-pillared beds. All of these are royal and unique in design and look.

An entire floor is also dedicated to leather furniture. You could make your pick from its range of interesting recliners, pure Australian sheepskin couches and Vengi African leather beds. Their range of pure leather carpets is worth a look as well. If you are looking for collector’s items, Alqove has some rare artifacts like the bronze leopard and tiger as well.

The store also has in-house designers who help you select the right furniture to go with your budget and taste. The furniture range starts from Rs. 30,000 and goes up to lakhs for the high-end ones.

The verdict – We recommend the classic furniture available here. These can add a unique charm to your home. The prices are high but the furniture looks like it is worth the cost.

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