Micro Greens – The Ultimate Indoor Green Garden

Have you ever wondered how you could green up your life with an indoor garden?

– The color of nature.

Micro greens are a natural product and most of them are green in color. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Some, like the amaranth are a beautiful deep reddish color, which is another color of nature. Getting back to nature and eating your greens could not be easier than growing your own and having them right there at your fingertips. Growing indoors all year long, creates a consistent natural environment inside your home.

– A sustainable product.

In today’s society, we call a sustainable product something that is good for the environment. From the beginning of its life cycle to the end. Growing an indoor green garden fits the bill perfectly. They can be grown in soil, in a recyclable medium and even on paper towels, which can all be thrown into your compost pile. And better yet, you can even grow on a terracotta dish with no soil or medium whatsoever.

– The color of money.

Affordability! You can save money. The price of organic greens are extremely high. We buy them because we need them. We do not want pesticides and herbicides in our food. Growing your own organically can be a blessing, all you need is water. No spending money on natural weed killers or pest control. My favorite way to grow is in the terracotta dish. I do not spend any money on soil or growing mediums. Being able to supplement your green buying can stretch your dollars immensely.

To sum it up, what can get greener than greens? If you are looking to do your part in sustaining this earth we call home, provide you and your family with natural nutritious greens. If affordability and sustainability is the key, then growing the Ultimate Indoor Green Garden in your own home is exactly what you are looking for. Happy Growing!

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