Why Do I Need a Fireplace Tool Set?

Down through the ages, fireplaces have been a place where people have gathered to enjoy food, social events, romantic evenings, and many other experiences. Fireplaces have been a part of humanity since the beginning of time, but their role and function in the lives of most people have changed dramatically. In most modern homes, the fireplace is a decorative item rather than a necessity. So why would a purely decorative fireplace need a set of fireplace tools? Here are some very good reasons.

1. Maintenance
Although many fireplaces today do not have an essential function in the home, they still need to be properly maintained. A fireplace that is not properly maintained can be a serious fire hazard. Fireplace tools are specifically designed to make this vital maintenance easier for the homeowner.

For instance, as opposed to an ordinary household broom, the shorter fireplace broom is made with bristles that can withstand higher temperatures. The fact that it is shorter is also a plus, because it makes sweeping the ashes and debris from the firebox a little easier to handle. A fireplace broom will usually have a coordinating shovel. This shovel is usually sized to match the broom, which enables the owner to easily remove bits of ash from the firebox and place them in an ash holder.

A fireplace poker is used to shift the burning logs into a better position so that the fire maintains its proper height. This shifting also allows airflow, which will ensure a better-burning fire. Pokers are also made of materials, such as wrought iron, that are resistant to damage in high temperatures. A word of caution here: the poker may become extremely hot. This is where the fireplace tool rack comes in very handy. Laying your hot poker on the hearth or floor near the firebox can result in damage to whatever surface it touches. However, if the rack is used, there is no need for concern.
Some fireplace tool sets come with scissor tongs. These can be used to shift bigger pieces of wood that are partially burned, as well as to add new logs to the fire. They are a very useful tool and should not be neglected in the purchase of a tool set.

2. Beauty
Some fireplaces do not need the kind of maintenance mentioned above, i.e. electric fireplaces and gas fireplaces. These types of fireplaces do not require ash removal or log shifting, yet the added beauty of a fireplace tool set can greatly enhance the look of the fireplaces. If the illusion of a wood burning fireplace is what is desired, then this tool set becomes an essential accessory.

Fireplace tool sets come in many different styles to coordinate with any home decor. If the classic look is wanted, polished brass would be a good choice. If the home has more of a country feel, wrought iron may be the way to go. Stainless steel or pewter would be good choices for the home that is contemporary in style. A combination of these materials can add interest and texture in an infinite number of ways. It is up to the homeowner to experiment and have fun deciding what works best for them.

So the question is, “Why do I need a fireplace tool set?” The answer: It is a beautiful addition to any fireplace that can add simplicity to daily maintenance needs. Even though fireplaces have become less functional and more aesthetic, this by no means lessens the value of having a great looking fireplace tool set to adorn the centerpiece of the home.

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